CW5053 智能机电掌握芯片
CW5053 integrates brushed DC motor control and battery pack protection functions to provide a safe and high compact total solution for power tools application.  IC is suitable for 3~5 battery cells connected in series, and can be extended to as maximum as 10 cells application by adding an external resistor divider. CW5053 provides an accurate PWM signal for motor control, the logic high output voltage of PWM is clamped to 12V to simplify the design and protect and MOSFET gate. Output during cycle can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. A soft-start function is also embedded to reduce the inrush current during motor start-up. CW5053 integrates a complete protection scheme to ensure the battery safety. Except voltage and current protection, IC also offers over temperature and under protection for battery pack and motor. 3 LED is used to indicate the remaining capacity of the battery pack. CW5053 employs TSSOP20 and QFN16 package for different requirements.  
• BDC Motor Controller with MOSFET Pre-driver
• Input Voltage Range: 5.5V to 42V
• Supports 3/4/5s Li-ion Battery Cells 
• Supports up to 10s Cells with External Resistor Divider
• Motor Over Current Protection:
- 3 Over Current Settings with Configurable Threshold and Delay
- “True Motor Current” Technique Compensates PWM Duty-cycle Effects 
• Short Circuit Protection
- Threshold from 40mV to 240mV 
• Battery Over Discharge Protection:
 - Threshold From 1.9V to 3.16V 
• Battery High/Low Temperature Protection 
• Motor Over Temperature Protection 
• BDC Motor Control: 
- PWM Duty-cycle Control with Digital Deglitch and Soft Start
- 12V MOSFET Pre-drive
• NTC Based Over Temperature Protection
• Lighting LED Driver with Alarm Indication 
• 3-LEDs Battery Gas Gauge  

• Portable Power Tools
• E-bikes
• Battery Powered Home Appliance

Function Block Diagram
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